Distant Energy House Healing

Distant Energy House Healing

Distant Energy House Healing
  • Remote Dowsing is used to identify any problems and interference to your home which may have a detrimental effect to you and your family's health and wellbeing. Identifies and cures the natural detrimental EMFs in your home, including all Geopathic stress, negative and positive natural earth grid/energy lines and vortices.
  • Identifies and cures all the manmade EMFs and interferences including electrical, microwaves, Cell phone tower interferences such as 4G, plus many others.
  • Balancing and clearing any other energetic problems and disturbances.
  • Applying energetic protection to the entire house.
  • A full detailed PDF report with dowsed plans and any further recommendations.
  • A PDF certificate certifying your house is permanently free from all toxic energy, notably Geopathic Stress and both natural/manmade EMFs, as at the time of dowsing/curing.
  • Any future checks on the same house shall be carried out free of charge.

Simple Process
All that is required from you is to book a FREE initial Zoom call.

Should you wish to find out before if your house is effected by GS, email or message me your full address, zipcode/postcode. This shall be done for FREE.

Costs vary due the size of your house and amount of work required. Costs will be given to you on your initial consultation.

This service is available to all in any country

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