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Adam Geoman Szecowka - International House Healer (Geomancy), Personal Energy Healer and Alternative Autism Specialist

Adam has over 40 years experience working with subtle telluric (Earth) energies. Such as subterranean water sources, energy/ley lines, Radon gas including both natural and manmade EMF interferences. And by knowing the detrimental impacts of unhealthy homes and their effects on human biology. By helping to remotely identify the disturbances and making the necessary adjustments, this enables the body to naturally heal and recover from any underlying/existing health issues resulting from long-term exposure to these disturbances. As well as significantly reducing the chances of long-term health issues.
All my life I have been sensitive and connected to the subtle telluric Earth energy fields, even without being consciously aware of this until my full awakening at the age of 39.

At the young age of 20 having lost my mother who was only 53 years old, and later my father within 19 months of each other. The major contributing factor to both their deaths was due to major detrimental side effects from geopathic stress . These are the detrimental effects on human health caused by the disturbances of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields/telluric energies in the home.

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After becoming a father to the two most gifted young living souls both on the Autistic Spectrum. As a family we had to overcome the most challenging circumstances and traumas, enduring meltdowns lasting 3-4 hours sometimes two to three times each day plus many other challenges associated with Autism. Including having to medicate which resulted in an additional 23 side effects until we reached breaking point. Unknown to us at the time the house we were living in was also severely affected by geopathic stress . Which we didn’t realise until my spiritual awakening that led me to the work I now do. This was the main contributing factor leading to the visible Autism challenges we were experiencing. Our eldest son had just one session of energy healing. The result was miraculous. Immediately after the session, he felt completely changed and for 3 whole months after he never showed a single sign of his challenges and struggles associated with Autism.

Once we found the solution with proven results that worked for our family in overcoming the challenges of Autism by helping our sons. We continued down the holistic alternative route. Simply by doing so our whole family started to become victims of “the system”. Having our family torn apart. So in my personal opinion, without any lawful cause or any consent given whatsoever. We fell victim to numerous acts of tyranny, which lead to unlawful kidnap and trafficking of both our sons for no other reasons other than to generate profit for “the system”.

This resulted with me having a full spiritual awakening which led my family and I to successfully overcome all the traumas we had experienced. Traumas that no family should ever have to go through. I had discovered my true purpose in life by uncovering, connecting and now being fully consciously aware of my unique gifts and talents which were always there, left dormant awaiting to be activated.

This is why I am a passionate and renowned international house, personal energy healer and alternative Autism (ASD) Specialist. Working with my soul’s purpose in pure love and light to helping others.
I offer a free 30 minute online consultation… I really look forward to working with you.

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