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Adam Szecowka - Alternative Autism specialist and self- empowerment coach. International personal energy and house healer [Geomancy/Dowsing]

Any disturbances to the natural subtle earth energies have a detrimental impact on our homes and can have a severe affect on our human biology:

Earth Energies (especially ley lines) also known as telluric energies. Subterranean energies – Water streams, ...

Credentials - Accredited CTAA Master Practitioner

Membership No:10663699
Certified and accredited international:
Autism Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach
Master Energy Dowser & House Healer
Feng Shui Master
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Master ...

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Offered remotely - 100% bespoke5555

Offered remotely - 100% bespoke

20 Point Remote Mini Home Energy Check For Natural …

Location checks are carried out remotely. Using Google Earth and many other mapping …
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70+ Point Check - Full House Healing, Cures And …

All that is required from you is just a hand drawn floor plan of the home. (or a …
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1-to-1 Consultations - Autism Life Coaching And Personal …

Per 60 Minute session
As a highly Intuitive empath and lightworker. Using my highly sensitive intuitive skills …
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