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70+ Point Check - Full House Healing, Cures And Certificate

Obtain a comprehensive assessment - Full House Healing Package - incorporating a thorough evaluation, a wide-ranging range of effective remedies, and certification upon completion. 

By fully healing your house, you are creating a supportive environment for your health, enabling your body to initiate its own natural healing mechanisms and decreasing the likelihood of developing long-term health conditions.

Achieving this objective involves remotely identifying and curing the following disturbances:

Geopathic Stress Zones

The harmful effects resulting from natural phenomena like underground water streams, geological faults, Radon Gas, mineral deposits, and energy lines (ley lines) can have a detrimental impact on your property and health. These negative energies enter the property through specific entry points and flow in certain directions, each with varying levels of energy intensity.

Find out more about geopathic stress   

Natural and Manmade EMF Interferences

Identify the disturbances created by the Earth's Natural EMFs. Manmade interferences like microwave fields, high voltage power lines, cell phone towers, radars, and more. Each having its own energy levels.

Additional Varieties of Electromagnetic and Environmental Disturbances

For example, technopathic and geopsychic stress may be detected through dowsing if present.

Emotional Zones or Personal Zones

Emotional energies from past events may be stored in certain spaces or items within the household, triggering specific memories for individuals. This impact is felt at a subconscious level. I will identify the affected person(s) and mark the locations on the plans.


Some locations may contain negative vortices that deplete energies, while others may have positive vortices that are elevated areas with beneficial energies ideal for healing, meditation, and creativity.

Any other relevant information that may surface

Residual energies that could potentially be trapped from previous occupants, as well as any historical events, traumas, or groundworks that may have taken place on the land in the past, are important factors to consider when assessing a location.

Remote clearing, neutralizing, and all energetic healing methods are encompassed to address all identified disturbances. By strategically placing remote cures at precise locations, a long-lasting solution is provided to ensure the issues are permanently resolved.  

This comprehensive approach not only brings reassurance and peace of mind regarding the health of your home but also actively supports your overall well-being. By eliminating any negative impacts from the identified disturbances, your body is given the opportunity to naturally heal itself, especially from any prolonged exposure to these harmful energies. 

The service package also includes the following:

1. A Google Earth Aerial Image(s) of your property showing any disturbances which may not have been identified on the floor plans. Including any ley lines and other disturbances which may affect the land the property occupies.

2. Comprehensive floor plans that have been fully dowsed, indicating the precise locations of all identified disturbances.

3. A Zoom Call to thoroughly discuss and explain the findings and details.

4. A Full Comprehensive PDF Report outlining the findings, recommended cures, and any further suggestions. This report will include charts and tables displaying energy levels before and after the cures.

5. Obtain a PDF Certificate that certifies your home as being completely free from all forms of harmful energy, including Geopathic Stress and natural/manmade EMFs. This certificate guarantees that, at the time of conducting dowsing and curing, your house is devoid of any detected disturbances. This assurance will bring you peace of mind, as you can be confident that your home is actively promoting your health and overall well-being.

6. Any future checks on the same property will be conducted at no additional cost to you.

The duration of the entire process can vary significantly, ranging from a few hours to a week or more, depending on the complexity of the task and the extent of work required. Consequently, the complete cost will be determined and communicated to you during your initial consultation.

Book Your FREE Initial 30 Minute Call worth £38

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