Adam Szecowka - ASD Specialist and Intuitive Distant Master Energy Healer

Helping you to pinpoint and dissolve the "true" root cause of your exact underlying challenges / issues. From the energetic and cellular levels. See a 120% improvement.

Over 40 years of personal and professional experiences with Autism. As well as being a proud father to the two most loving and gifted young men, both on the Autistic Spectrum.

I have researched extensively. Investing tens of thousands of hours, significant finance to learn from the best leaders, guides, mentors, doctors, scientists, seminars, courses and books. I had desire to understand the true secrets to life and the real causes of the challenges Autism brings. This led me on a spiritual path, sampling and learning many alternative healing modalities and putting them into practice.

It is my deepest desire, purpose and passion to help people. Providing my wealth of knowledge, personal and professional experience. So that no adult or child should have to go through any of the most challenging of circumstances that my family have had to endure and overcome.

I will guide you how to identify and remove the real causes. Resutling in the challenges or problems completely dissolving and seeing the visible improvement to your life.  


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