Adam Geoman Szecowka - Alternative Health Autism Specialist and Global House/Energy Healer (Geomancy)

Adam Geoman Szecowka - Alternative Health Autism Specialist and Global House/Energy Healer (Geomancy)

Helping families and individuals with Autism successfully overcome their day to day challenges and stresses.

  • Bespoke solutions for the unique requirements of each individual.
  • Ensuring healthy homes by identifying, remotely clearing and transmuting detrimental geopathic stress and all other natural/manmade EMF interferences into positive energy (Geomancy-house healing) Resulting with improved physical, health, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.
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    My family - father to two most gifted young living souls [Kindred Spirits] (both on the spectrum) has had to overcome the most challenging circumstances, enduring meltdowns lasting 3-4 hours sometimes two to three times each day plus many other challenges, including having to medicate which resulted in an additional 23 side effects until we reached breaking point. Our eldest had just one session of energy healing. The result was miraculous. Immediately after the session, he felt completely changed and for three whole months after and never showed a single sign of Autism or the challenges caused.

    This lead me to having an awakening experience and started my journey into discovering the detrimental impacts of unhealthy homes – Homes which have a disturbance to the energy fields caused by natural disturbances such as Geopathic Stress for example Radon gas and subterranean water sources. As well as the manmade EMF interferences such as power stations, smart meters and cell phone towers. And how this is a major contributing factor to the challenges faced by the individuals and families - especially those who are on the Autistic spectrum, as well as anyone with underlying health issues such as cancer, dementia, PTSD and anxiety.

    Simply by identifying the disturbances, direction of the flow of energy. Making simple adjustment to the home by transmuting the detrimental energies. It has been proven you are signicantly less likely to develop long term chronic health issues. As well as allowing the body to naturally heal itself from existing underlying health issues.

I offer a free 30 minute online consultation… I really look forward to working with you.
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