Adam Szecowka - Autism Specialist and International Energy Healer

Helping parents with Autistic family members successfully overcome their day to day challenges and stresses.
Ensuring healthy homes – Clearing and permanently transmuting detrimental Geopathic Stress and natural/manmade EMFs energies into positive high vibrational energy.

Over 40 years of personal and professional experience. Proud father to the two most incredibly gifted young souls, both on the Spectrum.
Having overcome the most challenging circumstances, meltdowns lasting 3-4 hours sometimes 2 to 3 times a day plus many other challenges. Having to medicate, resulting with an additional 23 side effects from medication on top of the challenges. Reaching breaking point where nothing was working.
Our eldest had just one session of energy healing. The result of this was miraculous.  Immediately after he felt completely changed and for 3 whole months after, never showing a single sign of  Autism or challenges caused.
By taking him off the medication, which clearly wasn't working for him. Seeing the phenomenal results of unconventional methods. Our family successfully had to overcome forced victimisation to acts of fraud, corruption and other unlawful practices.

This lead to me experiencing a spiritual awakening, opening my heart chakra discovering my hidden skills and abilities, claircognizance and having the passion to support others.
This also lead me on my soul purpose and passion to discovering the "truth" behind Autism (ASD). More importantly providing bespoke, tailored solutions for individuals to overcome the challenges and find that "flick of the switch" to see permanent results the whole family can experience. Looking at the true root causes, overcoming the challenges deep down from the energetic root levels.
Looking beyond the label and turning the Impossible to "I'm Possible" for families and individuals.

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