Remote Energy House Healing

Remote Energy House Healing

Remote Energy House Healing

Providing you with the immediate peace of mind, knowing there are no detrimental and negative natural and manmade energies in your home. Knowing your home is fully supporting the health, physical, emotional, mental health and overall wellbeing of all the occupants of your home.

All that is required from you is just a hand drawn floor plan of the home (or a computer generated one if available) showing all floors with the address of the property to be checked.

Please note I can only do the checks and healing on the home you either own or currently living in or planning to purchase or move into.

3 Step Process

Step 1: From the floor plan I shall remotely dowse to identify and show you the following:

Geopathic Stress Zones and Leylines
Detrimental energies caused by natural energies such as underground water streams sources, geological fault lines, Radon Gas, Mineral deposits and any energy lines (Leylines). Where they first enter the property, the direction of flow, together with the energy levels for each one.

To find out more about Geopathic Stress please click on the following link:
Video Documentary on Geopathic Stress 


Natural and Manmade EMF Interferences 

Identify and show you and disturbances caused by the Earth’s Natural EMFs. Manmade interferences such as Microwave fields, high voltage powerlines, Cell phone towers, radars etc. With their individual levels of energy.

Any other types of electromagnetic and enviromental Interferences –  

Should there be any identified during the dowsing.

Emotional Zones or Personal Zones
These are any spaces or items which can have stored emotional energies from past events or bring back specific memories for certain individuals within the household. Which have an impact at the subconscious level. I shall identify which person(s) they effect and pinpoint their locations on the plans. 



Any areas which may have either negative vortices – draining energies positive vortices – high areas of positive energies good for healing, meditation, creativity.  


Anything else of interest which may come up
Such as any residual energies which may be trapped from previous occupants. Locations of wells, historical events which may have occurred on the land in the past.

A Zoom call to go over the findings on the floor plan, recommendations and provide details of healing required. 


Step 2 

Remotely clear and neutralise all identified energies. Transmute the energies to positive high vibrational energy to all areas identified, for the highest good for all present and any future occupants of the property. Placing remote cures at exact locations as a permanent fix. 


Step 3 

A full detailed PDF report with dowsed plans and any further recommendations. Including charts and tables showing the before and after cures energy levels. 


PDF Certificate
Certifying your house is permanently free from all toxic energy, notably Geopathic Stress and both natural/manmade EMFs, as at the time of dowsing/curing. This certificate will signify to anyone who is going to be living there or currently living there that the property has had its energies checked. 


Any additional future checks
on the same property shall be carried out free of charge. 


The whole process can take anything from a few hours to 2 full days of work, depending of the findings and amount of work which is involved. Therefore the full price shall be provided to you on your initial consultation.
Prices range anything from £195 to £595+ [$270 to $823+] *subject to exchange rates.

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