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1-to-1 Consultations - Autism Life Coaching And Personal Energy Healing Services

As a highly Intuitive empath and lightworker. Using my highly sensitive intuitive skills driven by the heart. I have the unique ability to tune in remotely to your own energies. I have developed my own eclectic tools from an array of various proven modalities. Some of which have been used for thousands of years.
Including the ancient scientific and advanced dowsing modality known as Radiesthesia - a physical ability to detect radiation emitted by a person, animal, object or geographical feature.

Distant / Remote Reiki sessions and full chakra clearing, healing and balancing are available to everyone anywhere in the world. To holistically overcome
your unique challenges to become self-empowered.

  • I shall help you to successfully and naturally overcome from your daily challenges of Autism, trauma, emotional and long-term health and many other issues.
  • I shall help you to balance your personal energies. Uniting your mind, body, soul and spirit. I shall help you to successfully dissolve the day to challenges and struggles you face. Bringing both short-term and long-term improvements to ALL areas in your life.
    Autism/ASD Services
    100% bespoke Autism (ASD) advice and consultations. Autism Empowerment Coaching and energy healing modalities
    Due to the unique requirements and challenges faced by each individual on the spectrum. All my services are 100% tailored to each person. Looking at the "true" root causes and triggers of their challenges. From the energetic level.
    Empowering the individual to consciously respond rather than react to any given situation and be in full control, in all areas.
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    All consultations and healing work are tailored to meet the unique personal requirements of each individual. Prices start from just £75/$92 [Subject to exchange rates] for a 60 minute consultation including any healing work carried out during that time.

***SPECIAL OFFER until the end of the year only. I am offering a £10 or $10 discount on my usual fees***

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