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1-2-1 Consultations And Remote Personal Energy Healing Services

Tailored solutions to empower you.

As a highly Intuitive empath and lightworker. Using my highly sensitive intuitive skills driven by the heart. I have the unique ability to tune in remotely to your own energies. I have developed my own eclectic tools from an array of various proven modalities. Some of which have been used for thousands of years.

Distant / Remote Reiki sessions and full chakra clearing, healing and balancing are available to everyone anywhere in the world.

  • I will help you to successfully overcome the daily challenges of Autism, trauma and long-term health issues.
  • I will help you to balance your personal energies. Uniting your mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • I will help you to successfully dissolve the day to challenges and struggles you face. Bringing both short-term and long-term improvements to ALL areas in your life.

    Prices are tailored to meet the unique personal requirements of each individual. Prices start from just £75/$92 [Subject to exchange rates] for a 60 minute consultation including any healing work carried out during that time.

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£75.00 Per 60 Minute session

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