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20 point house checks and cures with certificate for geopathic stress.

Remote location checks and cures are done using online mapping tools and highly advanced distant dowsing techniques.

This involves a thorough 20-point inspection. It involves successfully identifying and addressing the following issues:

  1. Geomagnetic forces like ley lines and vortices
  2. Subterranean Water Sources like streams, wells aquifers and reservoirs
  3. Variations in soil and mineral composition beneath your house including Radon Gas and Geological fault lines

Restoring the energy of your living space is essential to ensure that your home promotes your overall well-being. By doing so, you are allowing your body to naturally kickstart its own healing process. 

Ultimately aiding in the prevention of various long-term health complications like cancer down the line. 

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You will be provided with the following through this service:

  1. Google Earth Aerial Image of your property along with a detailed floorplan (if provided by you) this representation will not only show your property from above but also highlight any notable linear concentrations that have been found
  2. A Zoom call to thoroughly review the findings and cures.
  3. A short PDF report detailing the findings and cures.
  4. Rest assured with a PDF Certificate confirming that your home is now free from the identified disturbances, ensuring your peace of mind and well-being.

To begin the process, kindly provide us with the complete address and postal code/zip code of the property you wish for me to investigate.  

The price is customized to suit the specific needs and tasks associated with individual homes, ensuring a tailored approach to every project. Therefore, the cost will be presented to you during your initial consultation session.

Book your FREE initial 30 minute Zoom call worth £38

If you are in need of an extensive 70+ point inspection that covers manmade EMF interferences, along with examinations of personal, emotional, and historical energies within your household, please click on the provided link for further details on this service.

Full 70+ Point Check 

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