Remote Home Energy Health Check

Remote Home Energy Health Check

Remote Home Energy Health Check

Location checks are carried out remotely, with the help of Google Earth. Providing you peace of mind that there are no detrimental and low frequency energetic concentrations of Geopathic Stress energies such as underground water streams/sources, geological fault lines, Radon Gas and Leylines. These can adversely be effecting the occupants of your home's health, physical, emotional and mental health/wellbeing.
After the remote check has been carried out you will receive a Google Earth aerial image of the property showing any linear concentrations that have been found. You will also receive a short report explaining the findings.
Should there be any adverse findings a free Zoom call will be available to go over the findings in more details, with recommendations and causes of action to rectify identified issues.

All that I will initially need to know is the full address and postcode/zip code of the property you would like me to check. I can only check on the properties you either own or live in or planning to own or move into.

Send me a message or email requesting the location check, with the full address including postcode/Zip code.
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